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Lamplighter Rentals offers rentals of Sentinel Lighting and poles in Brantford and the surrounding area.
Our program offers:
Free installation by certified contractors
Service from 8 am to 4:30 pm by one of our friendly service technicians, and after-hour emergency

About Us

How we work

Lamplighter Rental Sentinel Lighting program offers affordable convenient quarterly payments, maintenance-free 54W LED Parking lot lights suitable for both Residential and Commercial applications. Our rental lights are pole/building-mounted providing uniform illumination of driveways and yards. It discourages theft, vandalism and prowlers. It has Automatic Dusk to Dawn operation, No repair, replacement or maintenance responsibilities and no installation charge!!

Customers reporting a rental light out can contact our Business Office (519-753-8973), or report the problem using our on-line Customer Contact us form.
We are the first privately owned sentinel light rental company, and we can maintain and service our existing sentinel lights, and because we are not restricted by the OEB “Ontario Electric Board” we have the capabilities to install new ones as well.

Did you know we are in the process of converting all existing high pressure sodium lights with mini view 54W LED Lights? With the reduction in wattages we can offer you a better quality light at lower consumption costs (c/KW).

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Lamplighter Rentals offers light and pole rentals at a reasonable price, with a low monthly cost (billed quarterly) and absolutely no installation fee.

Light Information

The Philips Lumec MiniView LED Roadway luminaire was designed to eliminate the compromises of performance, features and value when choosing between existing HID and industry leading LED technology. MiniView is the perfect solution when projects require a luminaire that meets specifications without sacrificing performance… all while maximizing operations and maintenance savings. This roadway luminaire features a single IP66-rated LED module, designed to provide crisp, brilliant white light that surpasses existing HID luminaire performance. Optimized for applications such as parking lots, local roads and residential streets. MiniView makes your upgrade to reliable, long-lasting, low-maintenance LED lighting a simple cost-effective decision.

Your Sentinel Light Rental charges at a glance:

Light Rental

$9.66 + HST / Month

  • 54 Watt LED Light
  • High-quality, uniform light distribution
  • Component lifespan up to 100,000 hours

Pole Rental

$9.66 + HST / Month

  • Clearly Marked Poles
  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Class 3

Breakdown of your Sentinel Lights Electricity Rates (¢/kWh) will be at the discretion of your utility company. We do not set rates, they are regulated by the OEB and paid out to the utility themselves.


869 Mt Pleasant Rd

Brantford, ON N3T 5L5

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